Student Success Center

学生成功中心提供旨在帮助西弗吉尼亚卫斯理学院学生学术发展的服务. 工作人员鼓励学生充分发挥他们的学术潜力,并提供资源,以协助他们实现教育目标. The SSC provides a variety of services, including advising, academic skills seminars, support for first generation college students, and assistance in internship placement.

The Student Success Center is located on the second floor of the Benedum Campus Center. The office is open Monday-Friday 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM.


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The Learning Center

西弗吉尼亚卫斯理学院为有学习障碍的学生提供优秀的支持项目, attention disorders, and other special needs.

Disability Support

学院坚定地致力于为有学习障碍的学生提供卓越的支持, attention difficulties, and other special needs. An individually structured program has been designed to accommodate our students. Professionals who have earned graduate degrees in the fields of Education, Educational Psychology, Special Education, Counseling, and Reading work to help each student design strategies for academic success.

Test Lab


Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM



Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Monday – Thursday 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM

Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

*Hours are subject to modification during holidays, final exams, and campus events.

Phone: 304-473-8560




Accommodation Plans

住宿计划是通过审查学生提供的文件和学生综合顾问的建议来确定的, who works closely with each individual. The student will have access to our foundational services prior to, during, and after enrollment in our fee-based programs. The following services are provided when appropriate to the needs of the student:

  • 综合顾问提供个人支持,计划和协调学生的住宿需求,并与学院其他部门联系. 综合顾问指导学生毕业,重点是学生的第一年和第二年.
  • Weekly one-on-one academic strategy guidance.
  • Support for the transition to college-level academics.
  • Individualized Accommodation Plan, updated as needed.
  • Preferential registration and specialized academic advising for the first three semesters.
  • Extended time and separate test-taking location for qualified students.
  • Note-takers when appropriate.
  • Alternative textbook format, i.e., available computer software, enlarged print, digital textbooks.
  • Utilization of the Lindamood-Bell ® approach to learning (this program is fee-based).
  • 导师优势计划可根据要求提供定制的专业辅导时间(该计划是收费的).
  • 白天和晚上报到:将有一名专业导师值班,提供组织和学术支持.5 hours per day in our Mentor Advantage study area, Monday through Friday, while the College is in session (no evening hours on Friday).




  • 同侪辅导是一项全校园服务,并不局限于有学习障碍的学生.
  • 学习小组:可以为一些不包括在上门辅导计划中的课程组织以同伴为主导的学习小组. If students need help for a class in a department not listed on the Walk-In Tutor schedule, they contact the Tutor Supervisor. 导师与授课的教授合作,为班级组织一个学习小组. Study group times and locations will be announced in the class. This is an all-campus service.
  • The Comprehensive Advisor

    每个在学习中心为诊断为残疾的学生提供基础服务的学生将有机会每周与综合顾问会面. Many of our students tell us the Comprehensive Advisor relationship is key to making the transition to college life; our first year students have described the Comprehensive Advisor as an “anchor.”

    The Comprehensive Advisor offers to work with students in the following ways:

    • Developing academic, organizational, and self-monitoring strategies.
    • Discussing priorities and motivational outlook.
    • Deciding about accommodations to be used for college classes.
    • Self-Advocacy coaching to describe needed accommodations to faculty.
    • Advising for academic schedules the first three semesters with preferential registration.
    • Connecting to services within our program support system.
    • Linking with other campus offices for extra-curricular referral and support.
    • Processing the individual’s transition to college and general functioning.
  • Advisor Documentation

    Our students are rising adults; therefore, the Learning Center employs a self-advocacy approach to disability disclosure.

    The Comprehensive Advisor will give each student a personalized letter for each professor. 信中写明了该学生综合顾问的姓名和加拿大28开奖,并承认该学生存在学习障碍.

    • 综合顾问将指导每个学生向教师描述住宿需求.
    • 学生应与被要求住宿的班级的教授分享这封信.
    • 教授可以联系学生的综合顾问,作为提供有效策略的资源,以提高学习过程, or to verify the accommodation request.

    每个学生的教育评估/残疾文件将保存在学习中心办公室的锁定文件中. To reiterate, the Learning Center does not notify the student’s professor; the student is responsible for making a specific request to the professor of each class to implement authorized accommodations.

    In order to receive testing accommodations, 学生必须及时向学习中心办公室提供所需的残疾文件,并且必须遵守学习中心手册中描述的住宿程序.

  • Tutoring

    Here’s what WVWC students are saying about Walk-In Tutoring:

    • I was confused until I came to tutoring.
    • I’m seeing positive exam grades because of tutoring.
    • The tutor helped me know what to study for my test.
    • I feel more calm with the tutor’s advice.
    • I always have an understanding when I leave.

    步入式辅导是由大学阅读和学习协会认证的一级同伴辅导项目,由学习中心赞助. 它提供教师推荐的导师,他们经过培训和监督,以帮助学生实现促进学习独立的目标.

    上门辅导为学生在许多学术部门开设的课程上提供帮助. Tutors can help students: understand how to complete homework and other assignments, determine how and what to study, figure out professor expectations, etc. 需要帮助的学生可以参加定期安排的辅导课程,以不预约的形式提供.

    如果学生在课程表上没有列出的部门需要帮助,可以联系导师主管. The Tutor Supervisor will organize a study group for that particular course.

  • Requirements for Documentation

    为了满足学生的学术需求,并对专业课程的安排做出判断, students should submit an educational assessment, completed within the last two to three years, to the Director of the Learning Center. 文件将包括韦氏成人智力量表(WAIS)和伍德科克-约翰逊标准成就电池. 在学习中心主任的批准下,将考虑替代成绩评估. Both numeric scores and a narrative report, which interpret a perceived or diagnosed learning disability, are required. Additional materials, such as an Individual Educational Plan (IEP), will also be helpful.

  • Helpdesk (Information Technology)

    West Virginia Wesleyan College provides the Computing Services Helpdesk for use by its faculty, staff, and students. We are the single point of contact for questions pertaining to college-issued computers, software, networking, and telephone services.

    In addition to college owned systems, the Helpdesk also provides full hardware and software support for student-owned, WVWC-recommended Dell laptop computers, including warranty and Complete Care (ADP) claim processing. Support for other manufacturers and models may be limited, 但帮助台应该是学生在遇到所有信息技术问题或疑问时寻求支持的首选场所.

    The Helpdesk also provides group and individual training opportunities. If you need assistance with college supported applications (MS Office Professional, E-mail clients, Avast Business Security, Blackboard LMS, etc.), or with system maintenance such as backing up data or removal of spyware, 我们可以帮助您确保您在WVWC使用的技术是您大学经历或职业生涯中富有成效和积极的一部分.

    Contact Us:
    Location: Middleton Hall Room 211
    Phone: (304) 473-8877
    Fax: (304) 473-8672
    Public Printer Name:\\PrintServer\wvwcprint

    Office Hours:
    Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
    Saturday: Closed
    Sunday: Closed

    The WVWC Helpdesk utilizes TeamViewer for remote support access. You can download and run the application from the link below. 运行此应用程序将允许我们的技术人员连接到您的计算机,并在单个会话期间远程查看和控制您的系统. The software is not permanently installed. 您只能通过与我们的支持人员的电话交谈来下载和安装此软件.

    WVWC-TeamViewer Quick Support

    Please follow the instructions provided via telephone support from our staff.

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